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      96 strong.

      Daniel Harris

      Daniel bikes up steep hills in San Francisco for fun.

      Daniel Harris Solutions Architect, San Francisco
      Matt McGuire

      Matt thinks he's a great dancer. He isn't.

      Matt McGuire Associate Product Manager, Brooklyn
      Drew Olsen

      Drew has been bitten by a bat.

      Drew Olsen Executive Director of Product Sales, Brooklyn
      Jhantelle Belleza

      Jhantelle graduated CS in college without owning a PC/Laptop.

      Jhantelle Belleza iOS Engineer, Brooklyn
      Mike Domingo

      Mike owns all 15 Pixar movies that have been released.

      Mike Domingo Director of Product Management, Brooklyn

      People first. —

      From how we create, who we create for, to how Prolific operates, the question we must start with is: how are we making it better for people?

      David Reyneke

      Dave brews his own beer.

      David Reyneke Senior Growth Manager, Brooklyn
      Angie Cho

      Angie listens to BTS every day.

      Angie Cho Associate Growth Manager, Brooklyn
      Rikard Bj?rkdahl

      His rap-name is Snow Chainz.

      Rikard Bj?rkdahl Associate Director of Design, Brooklyn
      Claire Lynch

      Claire once won a calculus integration bee in high school.

      Claire Lynch Senior iOS Engineer, Brooklyn
      Olivia Taylor

      Olivia trains in kickboxing and jiu-jitsu.

      Olivia Taylor iOS Engineer, Brooklyn
      Tania Kattus

      Tania used to Hula dance.

      Tania Kattus Product Manager, Brooklyn
      Pat McGann

      Pat was once bit by a squirrel while eating Shake Shack.

      Pat McGann Managing Director, Brooklyn
      Bobak Emamian

      Bobak had hip surgery when he was 19.

      Bobak Emamian CEO & Co-Founder
      Devon George

      Devon is an ex-arm wrestling champion.

      Devon George VP of Corporate Development & Strategy
      Daniel Vancura

      Daniel played unicycle hockey for some time.

      Daniel Vancura Senior iOS Engineer, San Francisco
      Melanie Flores

      Melanie lived on a boat in Sausalito, CA.

      Melanie Flores Growth Manager, Brooklyn
      Caitlin O'Connor

      Caitlin can't say the word cinnamon if her life depended on it.

      Caitlin O'Connor Executive Director of Product Operations, Brooklyn
      Maria Bonello

      My dog is Insta-famous.

      Maria Bonello Growth Manager, Brooklyn
      Ruchi Jain

      Ruchi is a self-proclaimed tofu scramble cooking expert.

      Ruchi Jain iOS Engineer, Brooklyn
      Sarita Zhen

      Sarita speaks 3 languages.

      Sarita Zhen Assistant Controller, Brooklyn
      Emily Joseph

      Emily has two rescue yorkies.

      Emily Joseph Director of Talent Operations, Brooklyn
      Analía Ibargoyen

      Analía is learning to play the ukulele.

      Analía Ibargoyen Associate Director of Design, Brooklyn
      Quentin Colle

      Quentin has a black belt in Judo.

      Quentin Colle Senior Android Engineer, Brooklyn
      David Rynn

      David had a speaking role on Law & Order, the TV Show

      David Rynn iOS Engineer, Brooklyn

      Show, don’t tell. —

      The path of greatest impact is often unintuitive. Demonstrate in order to educate.

      Francisco Andrade

      Francisco likes to play soccer.

      Francisco Andrade Android Engineer, Brooklyn
      Rachel Levy

      Rachel still loves Blink 182.

      Rachel Levy Talent Program Manager, Brooklyn
      Zach Arden

      Zach loves Yoo-hoo.

      Zach Arden Android Engineer, Brooklyn
      Matt Varghese

      Matt is obsessed with K-pop.

      Matt Varghese Senior Product Designer, Brooklyn
      Donna Watson

      Donna once did a 4 day hike to Bear Mountain.

      Donna Watson Office Manager, Brooklyn
      Paul Jones

      Paul makes amateur punk covers of songs he likes.

      Paul Jones Senior iOS Engineer, Brooklyn
      Gang Cao

      Gang only wears the color black.

      Gang Cao Director of Engineering, Brooklyn
      Sean Smith

      Sean has driven across the United States 5 times.

      Sean Smith Senior Backend Engineer, Brooklyn
      Nate Baker

      Nate grew up afraid of Barney the purple dinosaur.

      Nate Baker Product Designer, Brooklyn
      Luna An

      Luna travels for food.

      Luna An iOS Engineer, Brooklyn
      Connor Cook

      Connor spent a summer studying Japanese in Tokyo.

      Connor Cook Full Stack Engineer, San Francisco
      Chris Beaton

      Chris makes the best chile verde ever.

      Chris Beaton Full Stack Engineer, San Francisco
      Nandhita Kumar

      Nandhita has designed and made 4 wedding dresses.

      Nandhita Kumar Design Lead, San Francisco
      Linda Buzzi

      Linda is half Peruvian and fluent in Spanglish.

      Linda Buzzi Senior Product Manager, San Francisco
      Bianca Cazares

      Bianca cut off all her hair when Zayn left One Direction.

      Bianca Cazares Manager, People & Culture, Brooklyn
      Robert O'Dowd

      Robert took night classes to learn circus skills.

      Robert O'Dowd Growth Manager, Brooklyn
      Greg Daly

      Greg used to be a muralist.

      Greg Daly Android Developer, Brooklyn
      Dmitry Selivanov

      Dmitry's favorite food is Jerk Chicken.

      Dmitry Selivanov Backend DevOps Engineer, Brooklyn
      Divya Basappa

      Divya has had six different kinds of pets.

      Divya Basappa iOS Engineer, San Francisco

      Roles aren’t boundaries. —

      Teams that share ownership of knowledge, skills, and responsibilities can adjust to meet new kinds of challenges.

      Virakri Jinangkul

      V loves spicy food.

      Virakri Jinangkul Senior Design Technologist, Brooklyn
      Khanh Pham

      Khanh knows all the words to TLC's No Scrubs!

      Khanh Pham Product Manager, Brooklyn
      Chris Meyers

      Chris misses fishing.

      Chris Meyers Design Lead, Brooklyn
      Jamie Roth

      Jamie makes a mean enchilada.

      Jamie Roth Senior Product Manager, Brooklyn
      Anil Lodhia

      Anil once taught English to the blind in Thailand.

      Anil Lodhia Product Manager, San Francisco
      Kelly Menne

      Kelly enjoys sushi for breakfast.

      Kelly Menne CFO
      Eric Liou

      Eric came in first place in a poker tournament in Atlantic City.

      Eric Liou Executive Director of Product Delivery, Brooklyn
      Kevin Bui

      Bui was in the movie Snowday.

      Kevin Bui Head of Strategic Partnerships, Brooklyn
      Tom Havin

      Tom has more than 8 pairs of dog themed socks.

      Tom Havin Growth Manager, Brooklyn
      Kevin Miller

      Kevin has four SCUBA certifications.

      Kevin Miller iOS Engineer, Brooklyn
      Danny Salvatori

      Danny is terrified of clowns.

      Danny Salvatori Director of Design, Brooklyn
      Doug Ransdell

      Doug had the chicken pox twice.

      Doug Ransdell Product Designer, Durham
      Rolando Galindo

      Ro is best friends with a bull terrier named Pancho.

      Rolando Galindo Product Designer, San Francisco
      Paul Miard

      Paul used to be a rickshaw driver.

      Paul Miard Lead Engineer, Brooklyn
      Lani Chao

      Lani once shared an elevator with Nicolas Cage.

      Lani Chao Director of Finance, Brooklyn
      Nat Panchee

      Nat will eat a second dinner if the first one wasn't good.

      Nat Panchee Android Engineer, Brooklyn
      Pilar Johnson

      Pilar likes to go on random long "journey walks" around NYC.

      Pilar Johnson Chief of Staff, Brooklyn
      Malinka Seneviratne

      Malinka believes 8 is his lucky number, and he's obsessed with color black.

      Malinka Seneviratne iOS Engineer, San Francisco
      Paul Campagna

      Paul has seen his favorite band 51 times.

      Paul Campagna Director of Growth Operations, Brooklyn

      Take the path of greatest impact. —

      Pay attention to what people think is impossible. Their answer points towards an opportunity.

      Dina Chaiffetz

      Dina has a motorcycle license.

      Dina Chaiffetz Director of Product Strategy, San Francisco
      Eric Weber

      Eric was one stripe away from being a black belt.

      Eric Weber CXO & Co-Founder
      Harlan Kellaway

      Harlan is obsessed with Xena: Warrior Princess.

      Harlan Kellaway Engineering Manager, Brooklyn
      Jai Desai

      Jai grew up in a family of 15 people

      Jai Desai Growth Manager, Brooklyn
      Sarah Schwartz

      Sarah paints portraits of people's pets.

      Sarah Schwartz Product Designer, Brooklyn
      Pawel Piekarski

      Pawel taught himself English listening to song lyrics.

      Pawel Piekarski Senior Product Designer, Brooklyn
      Avita Ramdass

      Avita won a 6th grade spelling bee.

      Avita Ramdass Senior Associate, Brooklyn
      Lauren Doherty

      Lauren owns an actual Dwight Schrute shirt and tie.

      Lauren Doherty Marketing Manager, Brooklyn
      Phill Farrugia

      Phill once scared someone by sneezing while they were meditating.

      Phill Farrugia iOS Engineer, San Francisco
      Mike Strashun

      Mike is a proud owner of a genuine land cloud.

      Mike Strashun Growth Manager, Brooklyn
      Rachel Brajkovich

      Rachel can run a mile in less than 5 minutes.

      Rachel Brajkovich Product Manager, Brooklyn
      Amanda Skinner

      Amanda has played 180+ games of Yahtzee in the past year.

      Amanda Skinner Product Manager, Brooklyn
      Rebecca Nackson

      Rebecca is on a first name basis with every dog at Prolific

      Rebecca Nackson Director of Growth Services, Brooklyn
      Jonathan Samudio

      Jonathan's thumbs don't bend.

      Jonathan Samudio Senior iOS Engineer, Brooklyn
      Aaron Batchelder

      Aaron's favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard.

      Aaron Batchelder Senior Product Manager, Brooklyn
      Stanle De La Cruz

      Stanle used to swim a mile every day.

      Stanle De La Cruz iOS Engineer, Brooklyn
      Stefanie Rai

      Stef finds fun facts stressful.

      Stefanie Rai Managing Director, San Francisco
      Kunal Mahajan

      Kunal has recurring nightmares about staining his clothes while eating.

      Kunal Mahajan Director of Business Development, SaaS, Brooklyn
      Brian Williams

      Brian has taken batting practice in a major league stadium.

      Brian Williams Senior Digital Marketing Manager , Brooklyn

      Care personally, challenge directly. —

      It is far more kind to deliver constructive criticism, and in the process help someone grow, than it is to be agreeable.

      Dennis Vera

      Dennis has walked the Machu Pichu trail.

      Dennis Vera iOS Engineer, Brooklyn
      Al Harnisch

      Al plays the 5-string banjo.

      Al Harnisch VP of Growth
      Peter Siegmann

      Peter plays guitar and performs throughout NYC.

      Peter Siegmann technical Lead of DevOps Services, Brooklyn
      Courtney Starr

      Courtney eats a lot of Oreos.

      Courtney Starr Lead Product Designer, Durham
      Dan Healy

      Dan went to elementary school with Chrissy Teigen.

      Dan Healy COO
      Lina Breslav

      Lina can't find a good bagel in Durham.

      Lina Breslav UX Researcher, Durham
      Michael Campbell

      Michael loves Christmas trap music.

      Michael Campbell Senior Mobile Engineer, Brooklyn
      Thibault Klein

      Thibault believes he is definitely the best Fifa player.

      Thibault Klein Lead Mobile Engineer, Brooklyn
      Joe Minkiewicz

      Joe has climbed to the top of Mt. Fuji.

      Joe Minkiewicz Lead Design Technologist, Brooklyn
      George Sun

      George is a big fan of Street Wear.

      George Sun Growth Manager, Brooklyn
      Vika Nova

      Vika watches a lot of documentaries.

      Vika Nova Senior Product Designer, Brooklyn
      Mike Rembach

      Mike lives with his former childhood nanny.

      Mike Rembach Product Designer, Brooklyn
      Grace Tuttle

      Grace Tuttle Senior UX Researcher, Brooklyn
      Mandy Valladares

      Mandy nerds out over Star Wars.

      Mandy Valladares Senior Product Designer, Brooklyn
      Kristie Wauthier

      Kristie also answers to Swervy.

      Kristie Wauthier Director of Product Management, Brooklyn